Large Bore (16mm) Adjustable
Aluminum Shock Absorbers

Aluminum Suspension
Pin Braces

Aluminum Upper Arm Brace/Servo
Saver Support Plate

Machined Aluminium
Front and Rear Shock Towers

Heavy Duty, Adjustable, Mono-block
Wing Mount with Extra Brace

Premium Alloy/Steel
Center Differential Assembly

Heavy-Duty Front
Shock Tower/Chassis Brace

LWB Aluminum Chassis with
Heavy Duty Composite Chassis Braces

Aerospace Ball Bearings
with Rubber Seals

Oversized 12mm One-Piece
Composite Links

Extra Large
Battery Compartment

Heavy-Duty Front and Rear
Skid Plates

Bulletproof, Steel Drivetrain with
Extra Large Rubber-Sealed Bearings

Oversized Composite
HiCC8 Parts

Heavy-Duty 3mm 7075 Aluminium
Steering Plate

Impact-Resistant Composite Racing Wheels
with High-Grip Rubber Tires