Large Bore (16mm) Adjustable
Aluminum Shock Absorbers

3mm Extreme 7075 CNC Aluminium
Hinge Pin Braces

Extreme CNC Aluminium Upper Arm
Brace/Servo Saver Support Plate

5mm 7075 CNC Machined Aluminium
Front and Rear Shock Towers

Heavy Duty, Adjustable, Mono-block
Wing Mount with Extra Brace

Premium Alloy/Steel
Center Differential Assembly

Extreme Aluminium Chassis Braces with 3mm Carbon Central Bridge

Extreme Aluminium Rear Chassis Brace with 3mm Carbon Chassis Stiffener

Aerospace Ball Bearings
with Rubber Seals

Spring Steel
Adjustable Turnbuckles

Extra Large
Battery Compartment

Heavy-Duty Front and Rear
Skid Plates

Bulletproof, Steel Drivetrain with
Extra Large Rubber-Sealed Bearings

Oversized Composite
HiCC8 Parts

Extreme 7075 CNC Aluminium
Laser-Etched Chassis Plate

Impact-Resistant Composite Racing Wheels
with High-Grip Rubber Tires