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designed in belgium

Team Corally racing kits are engineered by the best designers in Europe, using only the best available aerospace materials, CAD software and the latest racing designs. Every part and assembly is tested for absolute quality in Olen, Belgium. Only the highest quality workmanship is used. With attention to the smallest detail for maximum performance. With Team Corally, you will get the best quality parts and kits available!

Designed in the heart of the EU!

Complete Race Spec

The SBX 410 has been designed so it can dominate the competition, no matter what skill level you are racing at: from club racers to pro drivers, it’s ready to win right out of the box! It’s been designed using the latest state of the art processes and is made from the highest quality parts. For pro-level drivers, a variety of tuning options are also available to dial it in even better. The SBX 410 is ready for the top step of the podium!

Designed by racers for racers!
* Prototype parts shown, specification may
be subject to change.

Chassis and Side Plate

The main chassis is formed from a single sheet of 2mm black anodised high grade aerospace aluminium for the ultimate balance of strength and weight. All components on the SBX 410 attach directly to the chassis plate for extra-low centre of gravity (LCG), which means higher corner speeds and easier control. Plastic side plates add extra stiffness and provide not only protection from edge scrapes but also a convenient attachment point for hook-and-loop tape to attach the body.

Chassis Flex Tuning

The 2mm aluminum chassis plate with the standard plastic chassis braces is perfect for low-grip surfaces such as loose dirt or grass, and can be tuned easily. On high-grip tracks such as blue groove clay and carpet, optional graphite chassis stiffeners are available to increase the rigidity of the chassis.

Tune the chassis for ultimate grip!
Chassis Stiffener
Graphite - Front - 1 pc
Chassis Stiffener
Graphite - Rear - 1 pc

Easy Access Bulkheads

The front and rear bulkheads are designed to be opened easily with a minimum of fasteners. Just four screws are required to access the gear differentials at either end of the SBX 410. Special attention from Team Corally materials engineers has been paid to minimise thermal expansion of the bulkheads during race conditions, which would cause unwanted play between the bulkhead pieces and the differential bearings. You can be assured that even when using low-wind motors during hard racing conditions, the bearings and differentials will stay in place. Each bulkhead part is moulded from lightweight and durable virgin plastic and designed to last.

Floating Servo Mount

The SBX 410 allows you to fit your choice of a low-profile or standard height servo in a laydown position to enhance the low centre of gravity. To eliminate the possibility of tweak, the servo mount attaches to just one point on the chassis with a heavy-duty red anodized aluminium mount. The servo does not touch the chassis plate, yet is mounted as low as possible to enhance driving reaction in the corners.

Race Optimised Steering

A dual bellcrank steering system provides the steering input to the front wheels for ultimate steering precision. A spring-loaded, cam-style servo saver protects the gears of the servo and can be adjusted easily by a red anodised knurled aluminium nut. The steering posts are secured at the top and bottom for maximum stiffness for ultimate cornering control. Turnbuckles and threaded rods complete the steering assembly, with steel turnbuckles and stiff ball ends for a tight fit.

Servo saver arm
Aluminium - Part B - 1 pc
Steering plate
Aluminium - 1 pc

Steering Upgrades

Like all parts of the SBX 410, it's possible to tune the steering for extra durability or stiffness. The steering plate can be upgraded to high-strength aluminium for use on extra high traction racing surfaces, perfect for carpet and blue-groove clay. The servo saver arm can also be upgraded to aluminium to increase the durability of the steering system and guard against steering breakages.

LCG Gearbox

The two-piece central gearbox of the SBX 410 consists of solid pieces of aerospace grade aluminium for extreme rigidity. The gearbox fits the standard slipper clutch, which can be easily swapped for the optional central gearbox. The rotating mass of the spur gear is mounted as low as possible in the chassis for supreme driving control and handling. Large diameter bearings support either the stock dual-pad slipper clutch or the sealed bevel gear differential.

Super low center of gravity drivetrain!
Center Differential
1 Complete Set

Durable Slipper Clutch

A strong, multi-part dual-pad slipper clutch is included as standard, making the SBX 410 perfect on most track surfaces. Large diameter bearings support the slipper clutch for maximum efficiency and the spring is easily tuned for the perfect amount of acceleration traction. The stock spur gear size is 81T, optional spur gears are available in 78T and 84T sizes. Also available are graphite slipper pads for extra durability and ultimate performance in loose conditions.

Spur gear
78 Teeth (Optional)
81 Teeth
84 Teeth (Optional)
Slipper Clutch Pad
Graphite - 2 pcs

Optional Central Gear Differential

A tunable central gear diff is available as a tuning option for low-traction surfaces such as low-grip and dusty tracks. The gear case is the same part as the front and rear differentials, and a CNC machined aerospace aluminium gear mount is used to seal in the specially cut industrial grade steel gears. The specially CNC cut high-strength, low-friction spur gears are easily swappable.

The center differential is supplied with 81T spur gear, 78T and 84T spur gears are available as optional parts.
Spur Gear 48DP - Center Diff
78 Teeth - Delrin - CNC Cut (Optional)
81 Teeth - Delrin - CNC Cut
84 Teeth - Delrin - CNC Cut (Optional)

Gears and Ratios

The internal drive ratio of the SBX 410 is 2.5 to 1, and can be easily changed with a range of optional gears. A full selection of gears can fit in the SBX 410, click the See More link below to view a PDF file with all possible gears and ratios. A gear protector keeps wires and debris from damaging the low-friction spur gear.

internal Ratio: 2.5 : 1

Pro Level Drivetrain

The drivetrain of the SBX 410 is fully optimised for maximum performance and minimal drag. The centre driveshafts run down the centreline of the car for perfect balance, and rebuildable universal driveshafts take the power from the lubricant-filled gear differentials to each wheel. Every driveshaft is supported by high quality ball bearings for superb precision and low wear.

Rebuildable Universals

If driveshaft replacement is needed, each of the four driveshafts are rebuildable without any special tools. Simply slide off the protective cap, push out the pin and pivot and replace the driveshaft. The cap is machined from lightweight aluminium to reduce the need for adding options in the future.

Extra Durable Gear Differentials

Distributing power proper to the left and right tyres in cornering situations is extremely important. In the SBX 410 that job is given to specially cut industrial grade steel gears encased in a heavy duty gear casing that seals in your chosen tuning lubricants. A race-spec main gear is attached to the outside and heavy duty outdrives spin in large ball bearings for maximum power delivery to the tyres.

Precision racing gears

The primary gears and outdrives used in the SBX 410 are made from the highest quality metals available, precision cut by CNC machine from industrial grade steel for exta-long life in the most demanding racing situations. You can be sure that when you're racing for the top position on the podium, these parts will not let you down!

arm holders

Mounting the arms to the differential bulkheads are extra-strong aerospace aluminium arm holders fitted with eccentric cam bushings to allow for all possible inboard toe adjustments. Optional weighted brass arm holders are available to tune the weight balance of the SBX 410 for any situation. Special titanium nitride pivot pins are available for smoother suspension action.

Lower Suspension arm holders
Brass - FF
Brass - FR
Brass - RR
Brass - RF
Suspension Arm Pivot Pin
TiNi- 2 pcs

Suspension Arm Tuning

The standard suspension arms are constructed of reinforced composite plastic, and are ideal for most tracks and drivers. The front arms are identical left and right, cutting down on the number of spares you need to take with you. Optional bolt-on graphite plates are available to use on super high-bite tracks for additional track tuning.

Perfect for carpet racing!
Suspension Arm - Composite
Front - 1 pc
Rear - Right - 1 pc
Rear - Left - 1 pc
Suspension Arm Stiffener - Graphite
Rear Left - 1 pc (Optional)
Rear Right - 1 pc (Optional)
Front Left - 1 pc (Optional)
Front Right - 1 pc (Optional)


High-strength steel turnbuckles are included in every SBX 410 kit, and they are perfect for the job. With a protective black coating, they blend into the look of the chassis perfectly. Easily turned with a 3mm wrench, they allow fast and secure adjustments of critical tuning areas such as camber and front toe settings. For extra durability in the most demanding applications, super-strong titanium turnbuckles are available.

Titanium - 54mm - 2 pcs (Optional)

Durable front suspension

Strong steering blocks and hubs are included with every SBX 410 and can be easily tuned for high, low or medium roll centre positions. If desired, super-strong aluminium C-Hubs can be fitted to increase the durability of the front end and add extra stiffness to the supension assembly.

Left - c-hub 9 deg
Aluminium - Left - 1 pc
Right - c-hub 9 deg
Aluminium - Right - 1 pc
Wheel Hub
Aluminium - Rear - 1 pc

rear hub

The rear hub is a critical part of properly tuning the SBX 410, and Team Corally designers have pre-set it for the ideal positions that work for nearly every driver. Three camber link positions are available to choose from to make tuning fast and simple. If you desire extra durability, an optional aluminium rear hub is available.

Anti-Roll Bars

A 1.4mm thick anti-roll bar is included as standard in the kit, with 5 more tuning options available. Thinner anti-roll bars allow the weight of the SBX 410 to shift more in corners for extra weight transfer, while thicker bars help keep the car as flat as possible. A simple hinged retainer keeps the anti-roll bar in place for fast replacement.

Anti-Roll Bars
Ø1.0mm - 1 pc (Optional)
Ø1.2mm - 1 pc (Optional)
Ø1.4mm - 1 pc
Ø1.6mm - 1 pc (Optional)
Ø1.8mm - 1 pc (Optional)
Ø2.0mm - 1 pc (Optional)

Graphite Shock Towers

Only the best woven graphite is suitable for the SBX 410: aerospace-grade prepreg carbon fibre, chosen for its stiffness and resilience. With multiple layers of carbon fibres within extra-strong resin coatings, you couldn’t ask for better material to make racing parts from. Team Corally racing engineers have chosen the perfect mounting points for the shock absorbers and camber links so you don’t get lost in seeking the perfect setup.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are one of the most critical points of any racing vehicle, and the SBX 410 features everything you should expect from high-end buggies: threaded upper and lower caps with o-rings, dual o-ring shaft seal, threaded aluminium body and much more. The aluminium shock cap is extra-strong to eliminate blow-outs, and features a bleeding hole for quick rebuilding.

Shock Tuning

To help you dial in the perfect car setting, a range of optional springs are available to fit the front and rear of the SBX 410. Optional titanium nitride shafts are also available, which help reduce wear on the shaft seals for more time between rebuilds.

Shock Shaft tini
Front - TiNi - 2 pcs
Rear - TiNi - 2 pcs
Shock Springs
Soft - Rear - 2 pcs (Optional)
Medium - Rear - 2 pcs (Optional)
Hard - Rear - 2 pcs (Optional)
Soft - Front - 2 pcs (Optional)
Medium - Front - 2 pcs (Optional)
Hard - Front - 2 pcs (Optional)

Optional Rear Shock Positions

To allow you the ultimate tuning opportunities, the SBX 410 is packed with features that racers demand, such as multiple rear shock positions. The rear shock absorber can be easily swapped so it is positioned in the traditional location behind the shock tower, or moved to be mounted ahead of the shock tower and suspension arm.

Custom Racing Body

A sleek Team Corally-designed racing body is included in every SBX 410 kit, designed by racers to fit tight around all of the most common racing equipment that will be fitted to the chassis. The cab-forward design enhances front downforce and fins direct air to the high downforce rear wing. Wide, flat areas enhance the slippery qualities of the body while allowing you plenty of space for amazing custom paint schemes!

Durable Body Mounting

Extra-thick body posts absorb damage to keep the body in place in the toughest racing situations. The posts are easily removed to use hook and loop tape to attach the body. Wide wing washers flex to absorb damage to the rear wing area, and optional aluminium wing washers are available for an awesome custom look.

Wing Washer
Aluminium - 2 pcs

High Downforce Sculpted Wing

The SBX 410 wing gives you maximum downforce where you need it - right at the back of the car, for ultimate traction at high speeds. The tall sides provide extra stability in the air, and cutouts allow full clearance for the rear tyres. Three vertical fins gives the rear of the wing extra support at full speed. The wing is attached to the shock tower via a pair of thick plastic struts for maximum strength and resilience.

* Equipment listed is recommended by Team Corally designers and team drivers.


The Cerix II RS-160 is manufactured with the highest grade components to ensure the lowest possible internal resistance, resulting in optimised performance on the track. The CERIX Pro 160 speed controller gives the competition racer what they need in pro-level 1/10 racing, whether racing on-road or off-road. Get the best control for your Spec or Modified motor with the Cerix II RS-160!

Cerix II RS-160 "Racing Factory" - Black - Red Color
Cerix II RS-160 "Racing Factory" - Black - Silver Color
Cerix II RS-160 "Racing Factory" - Black - Gold Color
TC Smart Box - Programbox for Cerix

Competition VULCAN PRO Modified Motor

  • Specifications
  • Turns: 5,5 turns
  • Motor Limit: 6450 KV
  • Motor Shaft ø: 3.17 mm
  • Nr of Cells: 1-2s
  • Max. Current (A): 100 a
  • No Load Current (A): 5,8 a
  • Motor Length: 52,4 mm
  • Motor Ø: 35,8 mm
  • Sensor Ports: 2 Sensor Ports
  • Adjustable Timing: yes
  • Watt: 445

High Speed
lCG Servo

For ultimate control, Team Corally engineers have developed a range of servos with the racer in mind, for ultimate precision, digital control and supreme reliability. Click the See More link below to read all about Team Corally racing servos!

  • features
  • Full CNC machined alloy case
  • High Voltage 6.0 - 8.4V
  • Titanium gears
  • Ball Raced
  • Coreless motor
  • Ultra high speed and torque
  • Water resistant
CS-4014 - High Speed - Low CG - High Voltage Servo
CV-4008 - High Speed - Low CG - Low Voltage Servo

Racing Batteries

Team Corally racing batteries are manufactured to the highest spec for maximum performance. Trusted by pro racers around the world, these batteries are approved by major racing organisers for use in sanctioned National competition. A full range of batteries, from sport to pro, are available. Click the See More button below for full details.

Sport Racing 50C
LiPo Battery
X-Celerated 100C
LiPo Battery
Voltax 120C
LiPo HV Battery
Voltax 120C
LiPo HV Battery

eclips charger

The Eclips 2100 Duo charger features 2 totally independent and identical power outputs, which are powered at 55 watts each, for a total power package of 110 watts. The Eclips 2100 Duo can charge or discharge up to 2 x 6S Lithium cell or 2 x 15 NiCd/NiMH cell battery packs simultaneously!

The charger has 2 independent cell voltage balancers at each output, and can be used continuously thanks to the dual fan cooling system and internal automatic sensor for controlling the fan speeds. The Eclips 2100 Duo charger features internal cell balancers, dual high contrast LCD displays and all of the important warning and safety functions you should expect from a pro-level battery charger.

Charger - Race 60 - AC/DC - 60 W - 1x
Charger - Eclips 2100 Duo - Limited Black Edition - 110 W - 2x
Charger - Eclips 2240 Duo - AC/DC - 240 W - 2x
Charger - Eclips 2400 Duo - AC/DC - 400 W - 2x
Charger - Eclips 2440 Quad - AC/DC - 400 W - 4x

silicone oils

Team Corally ultra pure silicone shock and differential oils are manufactured and bottled in Europe. Each production batch is rheometer calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality from batch to batch. The viscosity of the oils is rated in industry proven CPS values.

shock oil
Viscosity Range (CPS):
100 CPS
150 CPS
200 CPS
250 CPS
300 CPS
350 CPS
400 CPS
450 CPS
500 CPS
600 CPS
700 CPS
800 CPS
900 CPS
1000 CPS
diff oil
Viscosity Range (CPS):
3000 CPS
5000 CPS
7500 CPS
10 000 CPS
12 500 CPS
15 000 CPS
20 000 CPS
30 000 CPS
50 000 CPS
75 000 CPS
100 000 CPS


A full range of adhesives and threadlocking compounds are available directly from Team Corally for tyre gluing, repairs, securing fasteners and much more. Keep a bottle of each in your pit bag to be ready for any situation!

Stick-it 105 - Thin CA - 25gr
Stick-it 125 - Medium CA - 25gr
Stick-it 145 - Thick CA - 25gr
Tire-Fix - Special Formulated CA - 25gr
Lock-it 100 - Screw Fix - Soft - Blue - 20gr
Lock-it 200 - Screw Fix - Medium - Red - 20gr
Lock-it 400 - Screw Fix - Hard - Green - 20gr
Speed-Up Spray - Activator for CA Glue - 150ml

Team Corally Pro Tools

A complete tool system featuring lightweight, knurled and anodized handles is available from Team Corally for all your kit building, repair and pit maintenance needs.

Team Corally FACTORY PRO Tools
Hex 1.5 mm
Hex 2.0 mm
Hex 2.5 mm
Hex 3.0 mm
PH 3.0 mm
PH 4.0 mm
PH 5.0 mm
PH 5.8 mm
Nut M2 4.0 mm
Nut M3 5.5 mm
Nut M4 7.0 mm
Nut M5 8.0 mm
Flat 3.0 mm
Flat 4.0 mm
Shock Pliers
Shape-It Scissor - Straight
Shape-It Scissor - Curved


High-performance 64DP pinion gears, manufactured from special lightweight 7075 Hard Anodised aluminium or hardened steel with precise tolerances to guarantee unparalleled concentricity. Created on a special gear machine, all pinions feature ultra-precise tooth shaping and ultra-true running for vibration-free operation. Each pinion is marked with the tooth number for easy and quick identification.

Pinion Caddy 48DP - 21 Pinions - ø 3.17mm
64 dp pionions
alu 7075 hard coated
hardened steel

Multi-purpose Ultra Tray

The Team Corally Ultra Tray is fully packed with amazing features. This is the smartest parts tray in RC! It’s packed with useful features for the serious RC driver and racer. The TC Parts Tray is machined from a solid block of 10mm thick aluminium and hard anodised in red or titanium color for that matching racing look.

CNC Machined aluminium - Titanium Color
CNC Machined aluminium - Red Color

led pit light

Team Corally's aluminum LED Folding Pit Light features convenient touch sensitive controls with three adjustable light color modes and six adjustable brightness/dimming levels for a wide range of lighting choices. Using 32 energy efficient and high power LED bulbs, this pit light is ideal for general illumination as well as detailed mechanic work. Plus, it uses only 11 watts of power or less to provide the light equivalent of a 100 watt incandescent bulb.

Dimmable - Motion Sensor - Parts Tray - Red
Dimmable - Motion Sensor - Parts Tray - Black


Detailed, high-resolution photos to show you everything about the SBX 410. Download wallpapers for your phone or computer and all the coolest Team Corally graphics!


Get Team Corally Racing Team SBX 410 setup sheets for instant trackside assistance. You can also download manuals, instructions and other documentation here.


Exclusive videos will be here soon from the Team Corally pro team to help with kit building, race tuning, maintenance and more. (Coming soon!)