Tuned Aluminium
Shock Absorbekrs

Front and Rear
5mm Shock Towers

Heavy Duty Adjustable,
Mono-block Wing Mount

Durable Body and Wing
in 3 Colors

Hybrid Center
Chassis Brace System

Extreme Front
Chassis Brace

Aluminum Chassis with
Composite Side Guards

Extra Large
Battery Compartment

4mm Hinge
Pin Braces

Heavy Duty Composite
Suspension Arms

Premium Differentials
with CNC cut gears

Premium Spring
Steel Outdrives

Heavy-Duty Double-Deck
3mm 7075 Aluminum Steering Plate

Durable Composite Servo, Steering
And Upper Camber Link

Steering Blocks

Low Profile Xprit
Tires on 5-spoke Rims

Available as RTR or Rolling Chassis

Spark is available not only in three body color choices but is offered in both Ready to Run and Rolling Chassis versions to allow owners a personal choice of motor, ESC, and radio.

Ready to Run(RTR):
Rolling Chassis:

CT2R 2.4GHz Digital Radio Control System

  • Reliable, modern, interference-free 2.4GHz technology
  • Over 300m range for confident control
  • Failsafe function protects when signal loss is detected
  • Comfortable, ergonomic throttle trigger and steering wheel
  • Convenient dashboard access delivers simple and easy adjustments
  • Hinged dashboard cover improves styling and security
  • Warning LED blinks when low transmitter voltage is detected
  • Simple yet precise trim, reversing, and steering rate adjustments
  • Includes R-323 3-Channel 2.4GHz receiver with splashproof coating
  • Use channel 3 to power lights or other accessories (on electric models only)
  • Powered by 4 AA/LR-6 dry cells or 4 rechargeable NiMH AA batteries (not included)
  • CE and FCC certified

C-54011 Speed Controller - TOROX 185 - Brushless - 4-6S

  • Deluxe powerful 150A sensorless motor controller
  • Custom built for Team Corally by the worlds' leading ESC manufacturer
  • Standard Kuron 825 motor uses 4S up to 6S batteries
  • Peak power handling of 1050 amps!
  • Fully programmable, adjustable and tunable for any requirement or driving style
  • High-Power BEC, adjustable from 6.0 to 7.4V, 6A current delivery
  • Over-temperature and overload protection
  • Integrated high-speed cooling fan with debris shield
  • Optimized heatsink airflow designed to lower operating temperature
  • Oversized built-in power capacitors
  • Gold plated 6.5mm gold motor connectors
  • Heavy duty 10AWG power wires with XT-90 battery connector

C-54055 Electric Motor – Kuron 825 -4-Pole - 2050 KV – Brushless - Sensorless

  • High-Power Brushless 2050kV sensorless motor
  • Suitable for 4S-6S batteries
  • 4-Pole rotor design for extra torque
  • AAA-grade high-temperature sintered neodymium magnets
  • Superior high-torque 12-slot stator with 0.2mm laminations
  • High purity copper winding for maximum power, efficiency and durability
  • Oversize aerospace-quality Japanese sealed precision ball bearings
  • Precision-machined aluminum motor can
  • 5mm hardened motor
  • Flexible, high-strand silicone motor wires with 6.5mm gold connectors

Varioprop®️ CRHV-7225 High Torque Digital Servo, Metal Gear, 25 Kg Torque

  • 25 kg/cm high-torque for precise control at any speed
  • 0.14 sec/60° transit time for quick steering reaction
  • High Voltage 5.0-7.4V operating range
  • Digital technology for superb holding power
  • All-metal gears for increased durability
  • Industry standard 25 tooth spline

Spark XB6
The Bashing Revolution!

From skatepark ramps to dirt track doubles, conquering every challenge in between – experience unstoppable performance and durability

Buy now
495 mm
308 mm
175 mm
Weight (no battery):
Ground Clearance (max):
Wheel Hex Size:
Wheel Size (diameter, width):
Gear Ratio (out of the box - roller):
3.31 (MOD.1)
Gear Ratio (out of the box - RTR):
11.7 (MOD.1)
Brushless Electric
Max Battery Size:
  • Menu
  • Spark Car with Electronics
  • Torox 185 ESC
  • Kuron 825 Motor
  • Varioprop CRHV-7225 Servo
  • Custom Painted Body
  • CT2R 2.4GHz Radio
  • Instruction Manuals
  • 70x48x23.5cm BOX
  • Menu
  • Spark Rolling Chassis
  • Wheels Included
  • Custom Painted Body
  • Instruction Manuals
  • 70x48x23.5cm BOX


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