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designed in belgium

Team Corally racing kits are engineered by the best designers in Europe, using only the best available aerospace materials, CAD software and the latest racing designs. Every part and assembly is tested for absolute quality in Olen, Belgium. Only the highest quality workmanship is used. With attention to the smallest detail for maximum performance. With Team Corally, you will get the best quality parts and kits available!

Designed in the heart of the EU!

Full Racing Spec

The SSX 8X is the most advanced ⅛ scale nitro on-road race car for the EP (Electric Powered) class. It has been designed to totally dominate the race track with innovative features and proven racing components. With a selection of the latest state of the art design and testing processes combined with the highest quality parts, it’s ready to race and win right out of the box! The SSX 8X is ready for the top step of the podium!

Designed by racers for racers!
* Prototype parts shown, specification may
be subject to change.

Aerospace Grade graphite

The strength of the SSX 8X starts with extra-thick plates of aerospace grade prepreg carbon sheets, from the main chassis to the upper deck pieces and suspension parts. Only the best woven graphite is suitable for this high-end racing car! Multiple layers of carbon fibres are laid between extra-strong resin coatings forming the ideal material with which to construct a race car. Team Corally racing engineers have designed the carbon plates in the best ways possible to merge with the aluminium bulkheads and braces to make the SSX 8X stiff where it needs to be stiff, and flex where it needs to flex - giving you the ideal amount of traction right when you want it on the track!

Extra-Strong Aluminium Braces

Thick billet blocks of extremely strong aluminium are CNC machined to form the braces and bulkheads that critical parts of the SSX 8X will bolt to. Together with the aerospace grade prepreg carbon fibre, these form the majority of the car to create a super-stiff cage of space-age materials that protects critical electronic components while creating a stiff chassis for the suspension components to work with.

Laydown Battery Box

The dual battery layout of the SSX 8X allows the battery boxes to fully lay down to give a LCG (Low Centre of Gravity), giving you the best handling properties possible. With the heaviest components of the car mounted as low as possible in the chassis, the SSX 8X already has an advantage over the competition! The chassis can fit dual 2X ‘shorty’ type batteries, dual standard length 2S batteries or dual standard length 4S batteries for maximum racing power.

Optimised LCG for the best handling!

Racing Features

The SSX 8X is packed full of innovative features that make it easy to tune and fun to race! A 2-finger carry handle makes it extra-convenient to transport the car from pit to track, a floating motor fan keeps the powerplant extra-cool in all conditions, the secure transponder mount makes sure your laps get counted, and a handy cable management system make sure the SSX 8X is the easiest to race electric ⅛ on-road chassis! These are all in addition to standard features like quick-change axles and super-tough chassis parts designed to live at maximum speed!

Intelligent Features Designed for racers!

Totally Unique
Front Suspension

One look at the front suspension will reveal possibly the most unique thing about the SSX 8X: there are no shock dampers on the car! A simple system of upper and lower carbon graphite plates form the suspension arms, providing all the flex necessary for the front suspension. There are no shocks to rebuild or service, and no oils, springs or ride height settings, making the car super-easy to work with!

Innovative suspension design!

Pivot Ball Front End

Taking a proven and extra-durable suspension system from ⅛ on-road nitro racers, the SSX 8X ball system to adjust the front camber and track width is super-strong and quick to access. Simply fit a hex wrench between the spokes of the wheel to access either the top or bottom adjustment screw for fast camber adjustments so you can get on the track quickly. The plastic housing bolts to the carbon fibre suspension arms with 4 steel screws for ultra-secure fitting and maximum durability.

Super tough front end
Block - B - 2 PCS
Block - A - 2 PCS

Simple Caster Tuning

The SSX 8X front upper suspension arm, consisting of the woven carbon graphite plate, is simple to adjust for more or less front caster. Simply unbolt the upper arm from the aluminium bulkhead and move the upper mount forward or backwards to change the caster!
Red callout: Easy adjust caste

Fast suspension tuning

Extra-Stiff Rear End

The rear suspension of the SSX 8X uses the chassis twist of the super-thick woven graphite battery plate to control the flex at the back of the chassis. A high-density rubber bushing is attached to the front of the battery plate, and the rear is bolted to the chassis just in front of the motor. This unique setup means there are no shocks whatsoever, and the rear suspension is perfectly tuned to high-traction, high-power racing. The aluminium bulkheads and graphite plates surrounding the motor and axle provide a super-rigid setup that puts all of the motor power straight to the rear axle, which is bolted directly to the rear wheels.

Pan car style rear suspension

Direct steering system

The steering system of the SSX 8X couldn’t be simpler: a low-profile servo fitted directly to the steering arms using thick turnbuckles. An extra-durable servo saver is used to protect the servo gears during crashes, and allows adjustment of the steering angles.

Super precise steering

No Bump Steer or Tweak

Mounted to the suspension subassembly rather than the chassis, the servo is kept completely clear of the chassis to eliminate bump steer and tweak, making sure that nothing can affect the front tyres except the steering servo and the suspension components.

Low CG Servo Mounting

Turnbuckle Steering Arms

Thick steel turnbuckles connect the SSX 8X front wheels to the servo, and are easily adjusted with a Team Corally 5.5mm turnbuckle wrench. Extra-strong ball ends connect the turnbuckles to the ball ends on the servo saver and steering knuckle for increased survivability in case of a crash.

Versatile Motor Mount

The SSX 8X rear pod will accept a wide range of gearing options, plus a huge variety of competition brushless motors such as the Velox 805 so you can simply bolt in your motor and be ready to race as quickly as possible. Easy access to the pod lets you access wires and solder points without removing any other components.

Rear Axle Bearing Inserts

The aluminium bulkheads on the rear pod of the SSX 8X use plastic inserts to help protect the axle and bulkheads from damage and excess wear. The plastic inserts protect the bulkheads and bearings, and can be replaced very easily as a wear item.

32DP Spur Gear

The SSX 8X rear axle uses standard 32DP spur and pinion options to give you a huge range of gearing possibilities. With a finer pitch than other ⅛ nitro cars, you have a wide set of options when it comes to choosing the ideal gearing for each race track you visit, plus the smaller size means the gears are less likely to strike the ground or tyre in tight corners, plus the motor is closer to the axle, increasing efficiency and maximising the weight balance of the car. The pinions fit standard 5mm motor shafts to fit all commonly available ⅛ scale brushless motors.

Standard size gears for easy tuning
Precision Machined
Delrin Main Gear
32DP - 60T (Optional)
32DP - 62T (Optional)
32DP - 64T (Optional)

Front One-Way Bearings

The front axle of the SSX 8X is fitted with the strongest, race-proven one-way bearings for maximum efficiency and durability. You’ll get the same driving experience from the SSX 8X as you would from a nitro-powered ⅛ scale on-road racer, making the transition from nitro to electric as easy as possible!

Strong One-Way Bearings

Front Driveshafts

The thick front driveshafts are extra-durable, machined from high-strength steel and designed to last! Super-tough outdrives lead from each side of the front one-way bearing, with extra-thick steel dogbones feeding into the long steel quick-release axles. A polished steel pin and red-anodised, spring-loaded retainer keeps the wheels securely in place until they need changing.

Powerful Belt Drive

The belt connecting the SSX 8X rear axle to the front wheels features extra-strong construction such as super-tough teeth and Kevlar reinforcement for maximum drivetrain efficiency, minimal drag and extra-long life. Ball bearing-equipped belt tensioners front and rear allow you to adjust the belt to extend its life as it stretches.

Easily Adjustable Belt Tension

Standard Fit
Front & Rear Tyres

The SSX 8X will accept standard fit front and rear ⅛ nitro on-road tyres that are easily found in racing model shops. Team Corally also produce a range of unique tyre and wheel sets that are specifically made for the SSX 8X - try them out for a competitive advantage!

Universal wheel fitment

Sturdy Body Mounts

With universal style body mounts front and rear, the SSX 8X can fit bodies from a range of manufacturers, allowing you to experiment with quickly swapping bodies for various tracks and driving styles. The front mounts are lightweight, hollow aluminium and mounted to an extra-thick woven graphite plate which is angled to match the nose angle of most racing bodies. The rear mounts are made of the same materials, and transmit 100% of the rear downforce directly to the rear tyres.

Graphite & aluminium body mounts

Wide Front Bumper

The extra-durable SSX 8X front bumper fits securely to the front of the graphite main chassis, providing protection to the body, front suspension and chassis in the case of crashes. Moulded from thick yet flexible plastic, it has enough ‘give’ to bend during impacts yet stays stiff during normal racing. The wide and flat underside also helps suck the front end of the car down to the ground for maximum downforce when combined with a GTP or LMP style racing body.

Maximum protection
* Equipment listed is recommended by Team Corally designers and team drivers.

Revoc ESC

The Team Corally Revoc II XTR 160 is ideal for sensored or sensorless motors and any type of lithium battery. Able to handle up to 160 amp draw, it’s ideal for the SSX 8X and other ⅛ scale vehicles using 2S to 6S power! Every setting is fully adjustable using the TC Smart Box if you wish to fully tune the Revoc Pro-160 for maximum performance on the track.

The Team Corally Revoc II XTR 160 is manufactured with the highest grade components to ensure the lowest possible internal resistance, resulting in optimised performance on the track. The competition racer will get everything they need for pro-level racing, whether racing on-road or off-road. Get the best control with the Revoc Pro-160!

Revoc II XTR 160 "Racing Factory" - Black - Red Color
Revoc II XTR 160 "Racing Factory" - Black - Silver Color
ESC Ultra High Speed Cooling Fan 30mm
TC Smart Box - Programbox for Cerix


  • Spec
  • Turns: 5,5 turns
  • Motor Limit: 1950 KV
  • Motor Shaft ø: 5 mm
  • Nr of Cells: 2-4s
  • Max. Current (A): 97 a
  • Motor Length: 67,8 mm
  • Motor Ø: 40,8 - 42 mm
  • Sensor Ports: 1 Sensor Ports
  • Watt: 440

High Speed lCG Servo

For ultimate control, Team Corally engineers have developed a range of servos with the racer in mind, for ultimate precision, digital control and supreme reliability. The low-profile CS-4014 is the ideal match for the SSX 8X! Standard size servos will also fit in the SSX 8X, depending on the body fit. Click the See More link below to read all about Team Corally racing servos!

  • features
  • Full CNC machined alloy case
  • High Voltage 6.0 - 8.4V
  • Titanium gears
  • Ball Raced
  • Coreless motor
  • Ultra high speed and torque
  • Water resistant
CS-4014 HV High Speed Low CG Servo
CV-5016 HV High Speed Servo - High Voltage


Team Corally racing batteries are manufactured to the highest spec for maximum performance. Trusted by pro racers around the world, these batteries are approved by major racing organisers for use in sanctioned National competition. A full range of batteries, from sport to pro, are available. Click the See More button below for full details.

eclipse charger

The Eclipse 2240 Duo charger features 2 totally independent and identical power outputs which are powered at 120 watts each, for a total power package of 240 watts. The Eclipse 2240 Duo can charge or discharge up to 2 x 6S Lithium cell or 2 x 15 NiCd/NiMH cell battery packs simultaneously!

The charger has 2 independent cell voltage balancers at each output, and can be used continuously thanks to the dual fan cooling system and internal automatic sensor for controlling the fan speeds. The Eclipse 2240 Duo charger features internal cell balancers, dual high contrast LCD displays and all of the important warning and safety functions you should expect from a pro-level battery charger.

Charger - Race 60 - AC/DC - 60 W - 1x
Charger - Eclipse 2100 Duo - Limited Black Edition - 110 W - 2x
Charger - Eclipse 2240 Duo - AC/DC - 240 W - 2x
Charger - Eclipse 2400 Duo - AC/DC - 400 W - 2x
Charger - Eclipse 2440 Quad - AC/DC - 400 W - 4x


A full range of adhesives and threadlocking compounds are available from Team Corally for tyre gluing, repairs, securing fasteners and much more. Keep a bottle of each in your pit bag to be ready for any situation!

Stick-it 105 - Thin CA - 25gr
Stick-it 125 - Medium CA - 25gr
Stick-it 145 - Thick CA - 25gr
Tire-Fix - Special Formulated CA - 25gr
Lock-it 100 - Screw Fix - Soft - Blue - 20gr
Lock-it 200 - Screw Fix - Medium - Red - 20gr
Lock-it 400 - Screw Fix - Hard - Green - 20gr
Speed-Up Spray - Activator for CA Glue - 150ml

Tyre Juice Traction Compound

Team Corally Tyre Juice have been developed by racing professionals to give the maximum amount of traction on a variety of surfaces. Developed separately for RC racing tyres, different Tyre Juice compounds are available for competitive racing in a variety of strengths.


Team Corally Pro Tools

A complete tool system featuring lightweight, knurled and anodized handles is available from Team Corally for all your kit building, repair and pit maintenance needs.

Team Corally FACTORY PRO Tools
Hex 1.5 mm
Hex 2.0 mm
Hex 2.5 mm
Hex 3.0 mm
PH 3.0 mm
PH 4.0 mm
PH 5.0 mm
PH 5.8 mm
Nut M2 4.0 mm
Nut M3 5.5 mm
Nut M4 7.0 mm
Nut M5 8.0 mm
Flat 3.0 mm
Flat 4.0 mm
Shock Pliers
Shape-It Scissor - Straight
Shape-It Scissor - Curved

Precision Racing Gears

The 32DP pinion gears available for the SSX 8X are made from the highest quality metals available, precision cut by CNC machine from industrial grade steel for extra-long life in the most demanding racing situations. You can be sure that when you’re racing for the top position on the podium, these parts will not let you down!

Pinion Caddy 48DP - 21 Pinions - ø 3.17mm
64 dp pionion
alu 7075 hard coated
hardened steel

Multi tray

The Team Corally Ultra Tray is a parts tray and multi-use pit helper, all in one super-handy tool! It’s CNC machined from 10mm thick billet aluminium for an instant pro look to your pit area. The deep tray sections help you organize screws, washers and all of the small parts that come off your car. A handy ruler helps you measure shock rebound to match your shocks, and you can use it to measure screws and bolts. Super-convenient soldering jigs hold various plugs and wires to make soldering jobs extra-easy and quick.

CNC Machined aluminium - Red Color
CNC Machined aluminium - Titanium Color

pit light

Team Corally's aluminum LED Folding Pit Light features convenient touch sensitive controls with three adjustable light color modes and six adjustable brightness/dimming levels for a wide range of lighting choices. Using 32 energy efficient and high power LEDs bulbs, this pit light is ideal for general illumination as well as detailed mechanic work. Plus, it uses only 11 watts of power or less to provide the light equivalent of a 100 watt incandescent bulb.

Dimmable - Motion Sensor - Parts Tray - Red
Dimmable - Motion Sensor - Parts Tray - Black

SSX 8X Foam Tyres

Attack Racing Tyres are available in a range of shore/hardness ratings from 30 to 35 (Front) and 32 or 35 (Rear), these are the ideal way to get your car on the track quickly without the need for a tyre truer. These wheels feature a custom dual-spoke design in a cool dark metallic silver colour, and are suitable for use on all ⅛ scale on-road cars. Click the See More button to find out more about Attack Racing Tyres!

front foam tyres
rear foam tyres


Detailed, high-resolution photos to show you everything about the SSX 8X. Download wallpapers for your phone or computer and all the coolest Team Corally graphics!


Get Team Corally Racing Team SSXX 8X setup sheets for instant trackside assistance. You can also download manuals, instructions and other documentation here.


Exclusive videos will be here soon from the Team Corally pro team to help with kit building, race tuning, maintenance and more. (Coming soon!)